Many health care professionals realize that a safe, artificially induced fever can have extraordinary healing activity. Slightly raising body temperature produces a natural biological defense and healing force by the immune system to rid itself of destructive pathogens…in effect, to literally burn out foreign or invading microorganisms.

Although infrared saunas are substantially lower in temperature than traditional stove or rock saunas, hyperthermia procedures are displaying a profound therapeutic impact.

Overheating treatments for health benefit have been recognized throughout history. Quite simply, hyperthermia is utilized as a healing technique. Ancient healers were aware that a slight fever was a potent healing tool against various illnesses. Greek physicians elevated body temperatures in therapeutic gathering places as an immune defense against infection, and that method still holds true even today.

Inside the electro-magnetic spectrum, Far Infrared light/heat is manufactured by the sun. It is a portion of the sun’s invisible bandwidth. Even though the bandwidth of light is not detectable to your eye, you feel the heat sensation. This is the heat you feel warming your skin when you are out in the sunlight. You could compare it to sitting in a car on a chilly day and being able to feel the sunlight coming through the window.

In addition, infrared energy is also produced as body heat. We are all familiar with the natural warmth you feel when you are sunbathing. Even your sunscreen can’t stop that, as it only blocks UV light from penetrating your skin—not FIR (far infrared radiant) light waves.
In fact, you can experience Far Infrared Sauna heat for hours and it will never damage your skin or harm your body.
Far Infrared energy heats your body by direct, molecular excitation, without heating the air. Far Infrared light rays penetrate your body’s tissue much deeper than near infrared rays do. As your body absorbs Far Infrared heat waves, it encourages the transfer of water across cellular membranes.
Once the cellular membranes are hydrated, your blood flow is enhanced, which produces an assortment of biologically beneficial body healing functions. The most
notable characteristic of Far Infrared heat is its exceptional ability to penetrate far below superficial skin layers.
When this phenomenon occurs, it creates a natural harmonic resonance within your body at the cellular level, which has numerous advantageous properties. * (Resonant Absorption)*

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